Creative soap sunflowers bouquet 创意香皂向日葵花束


The size of underwear : S, M, L and XL.

男士内裤size: : S, M, L and XL.


Soap sunflowers with male under wears bouquet. Contain 2 stalks of soap sunflowers, 3 male under wears and 1 soap rose. Client may choosing the size of under wears and inform the customer service. Free Design Wishes Card. We able to deliver to any places in Johor Bahru area or any address as stated. (Order before 3pm, same day delivery. If exceed will be next day delivery)

Our Standard Of Procedure (SOP)
1) After received order notification, we will contact you via Whatsapp to communicate
2) We will proceed card Design. We will send you picture after design. Until you confirm then we print & laminate
3) After flower is done, we will send you second photo notify you, the flower looks like.
4) After delivery, our despatch will take another arrival picture, we will send to inform you the job is done.

**Miss Flower reserves the right to replace any item with another of equivalent value depending on season and availability.

创意香皂向日葵搭配男士内裤花束。免费赠送祝福卡。我们能够送货到新山地区的任何地方或所述的任何地址。 (下午3点之前订购,当天发货。如果超过,将在第二天发货)

**Miss Flower保留根据季节和库存情况用同等价值的物品替换任何物品的权利。